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Democratic Opponent Violated TEC Rules

Texas Ethics Commission rules require candidates before taking any action for a new office sought must file an Amended Judicial Candidate Treasurer Appointment. I filed a AJCTA showing office sought to be Supreme Court, Place 6, before I collected any of the required ballot petition signatures. My opponent in the democratic primary did not. She filed her AJCTA the day before her application to be on the primary ballot was due. Since it requires a minimum of 50 good VUID dated signatures from each of the 14 appellate districts. Nobody could comply with the petitioning from 14 appellate districts in one day. So I filed for the open seat in the democratic primary for Texas Supreme Court only to find out later the same rules do not apply as my primary opponent’s application was accepted with every signature dated prior to her AJCTA. What people may not realize is that when you are a judge compliance with government rules is important. Failure to comply with government rules may require you to recuse yourself from cases involving compliance with government rules.